When Tropic Isle was first developed, the developer formed a Homeowner’s Association.  Subsequently, the developer legally disbanded that entity and to fill the void the Tropic Isle Civic Association was formed.  The Tropic Isle Civic Association (TICA) is not a homeowner’s association as we know them to be in other communities.

There are no costly monthly dues levied on each household like there are with regular homeowner’s associations. Membership in the Tropic Isle Civic Association is completely voluntary.  We rely on the annual dues collected from residents to fund the many projects we undertake throughout our fine community. The money we collect is only a small fraction of the annual fees normally imposed with a homeowner’s association.The Tropic Isle Civic Association exists for the promotion of civic betterment and to maintain community cohesiveness.

The 9-member board has been functioning for almost 30 years and has three simple objectives:

 Improve the appearance of our neighborhood
Represent our community before Government and other organizations
Promote goodwill among all residents in our community

Without a legal Homeowner’s Association, with strict rules and regulations, it is difficult to accomplish many of our goals and objectives.  That is why many times we reach out to you – the residents – to ask for your help to achieve our goals.  With increased participation, our residents can enjoy a lifestyle and positive community reputation that we all want. The Association also helps maintain the inherent value of the neighborhood and therefore supports the value of our property.

Many dedicated, hard working residents of Tropic Isle have contributed a great deal of their time and effort to further the goals we have outlined and have accomplished a great deal.  The results of this effort are evident as you tour our fine community. Your Board Members take their voluntary roles in this Association seriously, and try to make a difference. The Board often has City and County officials attend our meetings to help maintain their interest in our community. Their attendance also gives residents the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with our local government officials.

Your $40 annual dues go toward the operational costs of running an association of 436 properties.  We rely on the dues collected to fund the many projects we undertake throughout our community.

Such projects include:

 Maintenance and replacement of Directional Signs
 Periodic newsletters
 Day to day operational expenses of the Association
 Membership and attendance for TICA in Civic Group meetings
 The Tropic Isle Resident Directory
 Attorney expenses incurred by counsel with the Association
 Printing, postage and distribution of Event Notices
 Beautification projects in our neighborhood